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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Question & Answers

*** this is extremely long *** However I tried to simplify the answers for each question.

1. Is there a time limit on the blog, are they up for one week? Or forever?

They will be up forever as long as I don't delete the blog. They will "archive" over on the side by Month. There will also be labels (See Question # 10).

2. Are they all going to show on the same page? Like when there is a blog for Jaime and Krissy, do you go to one site where you can see all of them or is it a separate page for each person?

The website is:


In order to post a prayer, you must leave a comment under the biography.

All Lymie Prayers will show up on the same page ... however once there are 7 days of posts, the older messages will be archived. You must click on "older posts" at the bottom of the blog. There is also a limit on how many posts can be on any given "page," so if we go over that limit ... it will also be archived.

3. Is there a link that I could put where people would see the blogs for all of us?


4. How do I post a scripture, message, prayer for the featured Lymie?

You just simply leave a comment (at the bottom of each post there is a comment section).

5. How do I make a comment on someones message, scripture or prayer?

Under each post, there is a # Comments that you can click on. Sometimes it may say 0 Comments or 3 Comments ... Click on that. You will be given an option of writing a comment yourself. Right now, anonymous comments can be given, but it would be nice if you could write your name in the comment so that we know who is praying for us!

6. Can I write a message anytime or is there a specific day for writing messages?

You can write as much as you like or as little as you like. There is no specific time for writing messages on the blog.

7. How do I know who is the Featured Lymie?

Just look at the title of the blog post. There will be a biography for each Lymie so that we may get to know him/her a little better.

8. I just found out I am the featured Lymie. Is there anything I need to do?

I will send you a questionnaire that will allow me to tell your story in the form of a biography. It is very important that you fill out and send back the questionnaire as soon as you receive it.

9. Over on the left hand column, there is something called Lymie Prayers. What is this?

You will see that there will be names under Lymie Prayers. These are my labels. If you click on a label, you will see blog post that correspond to that label. Example: If you click on FAQ, you will bring up this blog post. If you click on Lisa S., you will bring up blog posts that have been labeled with Lisa's name. I will also have a label that says, "Prayer from ----." If you have posted a prayer message, you can click this and see all of your messages. :D There are some that didn't have names attached (PS I can't see your email address when you send your messages so I have no idea where they come from) that I have listed as Prayer from Anonymous. So if any of these messages are yours ... leave a comment under those and I will relabel it.

*** PS. I have deleted the ability to "Post a prayer" as a blog post, now they are comments. So there will be no further labels called "Prayer from ...." Just as a side note.

10. How can I become a Featured Lymie

If you would like to be added to the Featured Lymie list, please let me know by commenting on this FAQ or any post at all. Make sure you leave contact information so that I can get in touch with you with a questionnaire. The questions are over on the left side of the blog.

If you would like to nominate a Lymie to be Lymie of the week, please leave a comment on this FAQ and leave as much information about the Lymie as possible and email address so that I can contact them. Please let them know they've been nominated so they aren't taken by surprise when I contact t hem.

11. Is there a difference between a "comment" and a "post?"

The comment section is right under each post. Click on comments and there will be a space available for writing something. .

A post is something that I write.

12. Why do you moderate all comments?

I do this for only one reason. It's so that if you want to write me a personal message leaving your information for contacting ... you can. It won't be seen by anyone else at all unless I choose to publish it. If it's got your personal information in it, I won't be publishing it. :o) This is the way you can contact me with your email address or any other way to contact you so that you can be featured.

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  1. This is fantastic - thanks for creating this for our dear family and friends who are living with Lyme.
    God bless you!
    Melody's Mom


You are more than welcome to comment on any prayer message! I am monitoring all comments. If you want to be featured all you have to do is leave a separate comment with your contact email address and I will not "approve" the message with your email address in it. :o)

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