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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nora's Biography

Nora found us through Brent Rigg's blog. A blog that I read every day. So it was my pleasure when she requested to be a featured Lymie to do so ... Nora, I hope you will continue to be apart of our blog and pray for all of our featured Lymies.

Nora is a 47 year old mother from Connecticut. Nora has two adopted daughters from China. The 5 and 8 year old have Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichiosis. Nora was also diagnosed with Lyme a couple of years ago.

There are multiple symptoms that could listed for days, but some of them include:

Extreme fatigue, headaches, irritability, irrationality, rages, memory loss, auditory sensitivity, light sensitivity, cognitive processing problems, tracking problems, tunnel vision, swallowing problems, leg pain, soles of feet painful, foods tasting different, no weight gain, fears and severe anxiety.

Nora's 8 year old story: (Hannah)

Three years ago, Nora and her family moved to a new home. They believe they got the disease in their own wooded back yard. At the end of July, Nora's 8 year old will be going off all medications. She's wanting specific prayers that her symptoms do not return. The 8 year old did 6 months of Oral Medications and were followed by 5 1/2 months of IV Rocephin and another medication. At this time, she got a bacterial blood infection, Serratia.

It was necessary to remove the hickman shunt in November of 2008. She took a short break off all medications and then went on oral Mepron and Rifampin. She just switched medications again at the end of May and will finish July 31st. Since the 8 year old was so ill the year she was in public school, Nora home schooled her this year repeating her 1st grade year. Nora knew there was no way with her poor state of health in September of 2008 that the little girl could excel in school. There has been great improvement over the last 9 months.

Currently, they are using vision therapy in hopes that it will restore her field of vision. Nora feels her daughter is still having some cognitive issues that may take a while to heal. Her anxiety is improved, but not completely gone and it remains to be seen how she will do with normal school pressures when she returns to public school in the Fall of 2009. They also need to work on improving her immune system.

Nora's family would appreciate prayers for both girls to respond well to the medications and that they would be able to rid their systems of these diseases. They are thankful that their daughter (Hannah) is doing better after 18 months of treatment and are praying that her symptoms do not return in August when she's off of medications. They also are wanting her eye sight to return to normal.

Nora's 5 year old story (Rebekah)

Nora's younger daughter did two short courses of medications. They thought she was better, but by October of 2008 she was diagnosed by the Lyme doctor and took Azithromycin and Mepron long term. Lately, her medications just don't seem as effective as they had been. And because of a virus, she had to take a reprieve from her medications and all of her symptoms returned very quickly. It was frightening.

Her symptoms are: headaches, knee pain, forgetfulness, screaming, fatigue all the time, irritability, constipation, painful urination-- She is seeing both a urologist and gastrointerologist for these problems. There was a concern that she had kidney stones, possibly she did, but now has been diagnosed with dysfunctional elimination syndrome. She's on laxatives and fiber and the results are slow so they have recently ordered a natural thing called Fruit-eze. Her daughter has always had sleep problems and they were told she has mild sleep apnea after a sleep study was performed.

Pray for Rebekah as well because she is having multiple problems. Things are difficult on her on so many levels and they need to reconsider her medications since she is just not doing well. They need her constipation and stomach aches under control as well. The past two years have been exhausting and stressful on each one of the members of Nora's family. Nora understands that God has them on this journey for a reason even though she doesn't like it. It's been hard for Nora to watch her girls be so sick and can't wait for the day they are free of these diseases.

Nora says, "Thank so much for your prayers."

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