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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Victoria's Biography

Our featured Lymie today is a young lady living in New Jersey. Victoria is only 15 years old who is struggling with the effects of Bartonella and Lyme Disease. She's been facing the illnesses for the last 9 years. It all started with pain in her back and neck. She hurt, but wasn't limited in things that she could do. She doesn't remember going to a doctor, but just living like that for a few years.

Victoria had a period of time where she had continued Strep Throat Infections for about 10 months. The reasons were unknown, but her ENT doctor prescribed her allergy medications which cleared things up. During this same time, she had an accident while Ice Skating and had a mild concussion. She believes it was this concussion that triggered everything to progress.

Over the past three years, she gradually had more and more symptoms. Victoria went to many doctors, none of which could give her answers or even appeared that they wanted to. She got the standard "it's all in your head" answer from MD's. This caused her parents to not believe her entirely. It was during this time in which she remembered being tested for Lyme Disease a lot. She started doing her research and was convinced that this is what was plaguing her.
Finally in June of 2007, Victoria saw a LLMD. Her blood work came back positive for Lyme Disease.

Victoria says, "Hope is really what has been keeping me going. Now I am on a mission to spread hope and inspire other people to never take 'I don't know' for an answer. You have to keep searching for the answers that you need until you are satisfied. Well, thanks for reading this. I hope this has opened your eyes-- even a little bit about the confusion of Lyme disease."

This is a pretty profound statement coming from a 15 year old girl.

Her biggest prayer request is that the endless pain stops. Victoria also faces
dizziness, constant headaches, fainting spells, seizures, twitching, wooziness, slow processing speed and other neurological problems. Please lift Victoria up in prayers along with her 12 year old brother, Oliver, who also has Lyme Disease. And in typical teenage fashion (love ya girl), her hearts desire is to be able to get married to the person she loves one day.

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