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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Julie's biography

Julie is a 36 year old mother from New York. She has Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, Bartonella and Babesia. She is currently on Doxycycline and Biaxin. Her supplements are fish oil, vitamin C, pycnogenol, Cat's Claw and a multivitamin.

While Julie's symptoms are too numerous to name, she has mostly neck pain, weakness and general malaise. She also has arthritic like symptoms in her hands, headaches, heart palpitations, dental pain, chronic sinus and yeast infections. Julie also has severe neurological symptoms including brain fog, attention and focusing problems, panic attacks, anxiety, severe irritability, forgetfulness, extreme sensitivity to light and sounds. She also has had OCD as a teen and in her 20's. Julie has more symptoms and she could go on forever listing them.

Julie's mom and sister have both been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease after many years of suffering with pain and illnesses. Three of her four children have tested positive for Lyme Disease. Her fourth child has not been tested, but Julie's LLMD put all of her kids on supplements to build their immune systems including: Cat's Claw, Fish Oil, Tranfer Factor, probiotics and Vitamin C.

All four of Julie's children have chronic sinus and ear infections, some neurological issues. One has panic attacks, two have some level of behavioral issues, night terrors, history of "mono" or supposed mono even though they test negative for it.

Julie's prayer request is that they are all on proper treatment and medication and that her children won't experience any symptoms with the new medications. She wants complete healing for all of them. In addition, I have just found out that Julie found another tick on her daughter (On 5/20th). So please pray that there are no further complications from this tick bite.

1 comment:

  1. Oy another tick!
    Thoughts and prayers are going to the family!


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