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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dayna's Biography

Our next 24 year old Lyme friend lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For our US friends, that is in Canada. Dayna has three symptoms that are most disturbing to her. Those symptoms include a tightness/lump sensation in her throat, intense all over head pressure which includes the occasional sharp pain and bladder irritability. To Dayna, it feels as if there is always urine sitting in her urethra. Her other symptoms include eye floaters, occasional pain or tingling in her feet and hands. In addition, she has rashes off and on. Up until last year, Dayna was a very healthy and athletic person. She loved to go out with her friends and even went to school. However in the middle of July (2009), Dayna spent the day at her boyfriend's lake cabin. Upon returning home the next morning, her mom noticed a weird bite on her leg. Dayna thought nothing of it thinking it was nothing more than a mosquito bite since they are really bad in the Winnipeg area. Two weeks later though she just didn't feel right. She had a really weird feeling in her stomach and overall she just didn't feel well. She headed to the emergency room and all of her blood work returned normal.

Over the next few months, Dayna's health continued to escalate up and down. In December of 2009, she got her first major symptom of bladder irritability. She saw a Urologist who noted there was something major wrong with her bladder, but he had never seen it before in someone so young. By February of 2010, Dayna started getting a consistent feeling of tightness in her throat along with the lump sensation causing a shortness of breath. She saw two different ENT's and of course they found nothing wrong. By April, she began feeling pressure at the base of her skull and eventually the pressure was all over her head and entered her nasal cavity.

Dayna saw about 15 different specialists whom looked at her like she was crazy. The only doctor that thought something wasn't right was the Urologist. Dayna told him her other symptoms and asked if they could be related. He didn't think so, but he was the only one that truly believed that there was something wrong. She told her parents that she couldn't live like that anymore so they called her Urologist asking for Dayna to be admitted to the hospital. She stayed for four days undergoing various tests only to find nothing. Dayna was very distraught.

About two weeks later (at the end of April), she saw her Urologist again. He uttered the words she had been desperately waiting to hear. "Dayna I know what you have." He took her to a room and told her that she had Lyme Disease. Dayna had heard of Lyme, but wasn't quite sure what it was. Once she was asked to think back to where she could have been bitten, all of the pieces started coming together that she has been sick ever since she had been bitten at the lake. Of course, her Elisa test came back negative. However, her IgeneX Western Blot came back positive. In addition, she was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis and three viruses. She realized right away there was no adequate treatment in Canada so she saw a LLMD in Arizona for three months. She used IV therapy with holistic and natural therapies. The treatment was unsuccessful for Dayna so she returned home following his protocol of oral antibiotics and detox remedies. The Urologist also gave her weekly IV's, but her body felt like she couldn't handle any more antibiotics.

Above all else, Dayna is thankful and fortunate that she has her Urologist. He's supported her since she first walked into his office. She doesn't know where she would be without his support. She can't believe there are so many people suffering with Lyme and can't get doctor's consent to perform the adequate blood work. Currently, Dayna is working with a Naturopath in New Jersey who also has Lyme Disease. This Naturopath said that antibiotics never worked for her and she healed through all natural supplements and detoxification. The Naturopath also believes that Dayna has a case of Babesia that needs to be treated before her Lyme can be healed. She's been on the new protocol for two weeks and the Naturopath is very uplifting and positive. Dayna is hoping that this is her time to heal.

Dayna's biggest prayer request is for the strength to get her through this struggle. She is ready to have her health back and prays the same thing for everyone else going through this. She prays that the people who have been ignorant towards individuals with Lyme Disease will eventually open up their eyes and start helping in the healing process instead of making matters worse. Lastly, she prays that they will allow for adequate treatment and diagnosing for current and future Lyme patients so that we all don't continue to suffer in the dark.

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