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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I wanted to post a couple of "comments by Dayna" up here so that the intended people could be reached. :) I will leave out her email address in one of them. If you go down to your biography, you can find it.

This is for Debbie whom I featured in September 2009:

I am 24 years old and I live in Canada and my parents recently bought a house in Mesa, AZ. I was diagnosed with Lyme about 2 months after they purchased it. After we realized that Lyme could not be properly diagnosed and treated in Canada we knew we had to go to the States. Coincidentally, we found a LLMD 9 minutes away from our house who does conventional meds (IV therapy, oral antibiotics) as well as alternative/natural treatments such as saunas, foot detox, lymph drainage etc.

I was there for 3 months and I cant say I had any improvement with this drs protocol and we spent a tremendous amount of money (as we don't have insurance being canadians). However, i have talked to people who have had success so i guess it really depends on the person and if you are willing and have the funds to go this route. After i got back from AZ i still continued the drs protocol but still had no improvement and got beaten up pretty bad by all the antibiotics. I then discontinued this protocol as i felt there was little support by the dr after i left and still no change in my symptoms.

I am currently not on antibiotics and am working with a naturopath from new jersey who has Lyme as well as her whole family. So i hope this is my time to heal. I just wanted to share this with you b/c i no you were looking for a Lyme literate doc in AZ. Unfortunately, I didnt have success but you may want to try it. If you have any questions my email is (left blank). I wish you all the best as this is truly a nightmare, but there is hope!

This is for Jenny N whom I featured in December 2009.

Hi Jenny,

By reading your blog you have the most similar symptoms to me then anyone else i have met with Lyme. When i went to AZ my LLMD didn't understand the tightness in the throat symptom...I am now with a naturopath who said its a common symptom. What kinda treatment are you on have you had improvement with this symptom?

Hope your doing well.

Dayna :)

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I am living my life. I've treated Lyme, Bartonella, Candida and Heavy Metal Poisoning. My symptoms were drastically improved after 2 years of treatment. I did well for a year or two and then started having a backslide in August of 2011. I've been seeing my doctor since March 1 2007. I have severe D defiency, but my Iron levels are now normal (after Iron infusions). I'm treating with oral antibiotics currently for Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia. I'm living life as full as I can with the skills that I have and the love I receive. My recent labs showed a very weak immune system and low Cortisol. So we're fighting to bring that back up. Some therapies I'm using are IV Vitamin C, HBOT treatments and herbal remedies plus yeast fighting medicines along with medicines to boost cortisol levels. I've not used the HBOT in a while, but I found it helpful. I'm on a load of oral antibiotics again because the herbal remedies alone were not effective enough. Living life as full as I can with the skills that I have and the love I receive!