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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jaime M's Update

On Wednesday, April 29th 2009, I featured one of my very first Lymie friends, Jaime M.

Jaime M is now a 33 year old mother of two wonderful children in Ohio. She was so sick a couple of years ago that her husband had to carry her into her Mom's house for Christmas dinner. She couldn't walk, talk or even hold a pen to write her name. She was constantly throwing up. Jaime got to the point where she wrote goodbye letters to her children and husband. She knew that if things didn't change, she would be dead within the month.

Jaime looked death in the eyes. Jaime said, "By all means I'm not scared to die, to be in heaven with no more pain and suffering and surrounded in pure love sounds pretty nice. But I keep fighting the fight for my kids. They truly have saved my life." After Jaime got so bad, she decided she wasn't going out like that and she quit treatment. She crashed even more. For a couple of months, she got even sicker (which she didn't think was even possible). However, eventually her body started to even itself out.

Jaime's gone from over 60 symptoms to about 20. She hates to admit to people that she stopped treatment and now feels a little better because she thinks that's a choice people have ot make for themselves. She plans on doing some natural stuff, but introducing it very slowly and gently. She also plans to do a lot of detoxing because she thinks it's important.

Pain is her worst symptom. She feels like her sacrum is splitting in half. She lays on tennis balls to release some of the pressure points, it feels like something is wrapped around her spine so much that she can feel it all the way through her stomach. Jaime is still very nauseated and after her cycles (you ladies know what I mean!) got so bad, that her obgyn put her on the pill. She hopes that by telling others some of her embarrassing symptoms that she might just be able to help others out. To be quite blunt, her menstrual cycle was so heavy that she would use both super plus tampons and a super pad and have to change them both within the hour. However, since her OB put her on the pill, she's basically had a period for the past 3 months. So now she's considering a hysterectomy. She's so scared to take this step and she's had so many surgeries.

Aside from the obvious prayer for their health, Jaime would like prayers for a few other things as well. She wants prayers for her children that they know how much Jaime loves them and how much God loves them. Jaime also is in terrible need of support from her family and friends. She has very little support and is being terribly hurt and terrible things are being said about her (Jaime told me the things, but I don't want to repeat them here on the blog to protect her). For the past 12 years, no matter how sick Jaime was, she went to every family function and though she couldn't stomach to eat, she'd help cook and clean up the messes. She also has to deal with the fact that other family members don't help at all.

Jaime also needs help with a financial break through. She thinks it would benefit her so much if they could just leave their home. Her neighbors and mean and nasty and her children can't even play in the front yard. However the market is crashing and they are upside down in the house that they can't afford to leave.

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