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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sarah's biography

*** this is the 100th post on Praying for Lymies *** How cool is that?

My dear Lyme friend Sarah is 18 years old and lives in South Carolina. We've been friends almost since the beginning of my Lyme Diagnosis. Sarah also has Babesia and Bartonella. As if those things weren't bad enough on their own, Sarah also has: Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease, Tachybrady-Cardia, POTS syndrome, Gastroparesis, Poly-neuropathy, Degenerative Disk Disorder, nerve damage to vagus nerve, and now Chiari 1 Malformation has been added to the list.

Sarah has constant pain and because she is non responsive to pain medication she gets no relief from this symptom. Sarah has severe Chronic Fatigue and severe insomnia. She seriously only sleeps a few hours every 6 days or so. Sarah has seizures, tremors, severe muscle spasms, memory loss, brain fog, dyslexia, fevers, migraines, severe light sensitivity, sound & vibration sensitivity, and temporary paralysis in lower extremities. Sarah knows she has more symptoms, but she can't remember them right now. Those symptoms are the ones that bother her the most.

Sarah sees an LLMD in New York. She is currently on IV abx and has been for the last 11 months. She takes abx for the Lyme and Babesia. They are going to focus on the Bartonella once they get the Babesia somewhat under control.

Sarah has been sick with Lyme for ten years. She went misdiagnosed for 8 of those years. She was finally clinically diagnosed by the alternative medicine doctor there in SC. Sarah took oral abx for a year until her stomach shut down. Then she went nine months on nothing. Then finally convinced her family that she needed to see an LLMD.

Due to the seizures caused by the Lyme in her brain, she went to see a neurologist. He found that Sarah has a brain deformity called Chiari 1 Malformation. Sarah is currently in NY right now seeing the Chiari Institute. She had an appointments from the 11th to the 13th. She's also saw her LLMD yesterday.

So Sarah asks if not for healing that you pray that God will give her the strength to withstand the difficult times. And as far as her new diagnosis goes, Sarah doesn't even know what to pray for there. So she asks that you will pray for the doctors and give them wisdom to figure out how to help the situation.

And last but certainly not least, Sarah asks that you would pray for all of the other amazing people she has been fortunate enough to meet that suffer from Lyme as well. She prays that they will receive healing, relief, and understanding as to why they were put in this position in their lives.

Through all of the hatred and anger Sarah has towards Lyme, she does owe God for giving it to her. For if Sarah was not chosen to live with this disease she would not know many amazing people, she would not have as much compassion for those in pain, and she wouldn't be as strong as she am today.

And she says,
"So to all my fellow Lymies, Keep fighting, for you are all stronger than you know! You all inspire me in your own way, and I thank you for making me laugh when I wanted to cry, and complaining with me when I needed to vent. :)"

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