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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jaime's Biography

Jaime is a 30 year old Lyme patient that lives in Ohio. One of the top Lyme doctors in the world believes that Jaime was born with Lyme Disease after Jaime explained her father had Bartonella and committed suicide when Jaime was only 9 years old. Her mother was also diagnosed with Childhood Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus which are both red flags as possible Lyme Disease.

However even if Jaime wasn't born with Lyme Disease, she had two embedded ticks that were engorged on her back when she was 7 years old living in Texas. Her Dad burned them off with a Cigarette which as we now know is the worst way of removing a tick. Jaime had a few symptoms her whole life, but at the age of 19 her symptoms got really bad and she's continued to go downhill from there.

She has nearly every symptom of Lyme disease and co-infections. Unfortunately, she received 12 shots of Cortisone into her lower spine because her pain was so severe. They were driving from Ohio to Florida for a family vacation. She was so young and how could someone so young be in so much pain. She knew she would be unable to ride the 20 hours in the car with such pain so she begged her doctor for those shots.

Those shots disseminated everything. Jaime found out a month later that she had Lyme. It was too little too late. She has two young kids and tries to seem normal as she can for them.
Jaime's children have seen her come home from 7 different surgeries as her body keeps producing tumors. So they worry a lot that their mommy is going to die.

Jaime would love prayer for this all just to be gone. She desires that her body, mind and spirit be completely healed. The pain is something that is not even describable. Those Cortisone shots also activated dormant viruses all of which is horribly painful. She desires for her children to have peace in all of this. Please pray for her children.

Jaime now has a relationship with God and she is trying to raise her children in a Christian home. Her 7 year old daughter is getting there, but her son needs prayers for guidance towards God. She desires prayers for her husband too. He doesn't want to hear anything about her Lyme Disease or even God. Please pray to soften his angry heart because his thoughts are "if God was going to heal you he would have done it by now" Jaime has been sick since they were married and she knows that this is difficult for him. Jaime needs support and pray that God will send her the support she needs.

God has used Jaime to help thousands of people find doctors and help. Prior to getting diagnosed, she didn't know anything about Lyme. God has blessed her with very compassionate children. Before she got too sick, they would delivery Meals on Wheels with her. They would also make jewelry together and raise money for people with Cancer. Once they raised $500 for a 5 year old boy whose medications cost $1,000 a day. So they see others who are sick too, not just their mommy and love to reach out to others who are hurting just as much as Jaime does.

As an online friend of Jaime, I have watched her faith grow ten fold. Please pray for my dear friend. Thanks to everyone who is involved in this Online Ministry for Lyme Disease Patients.

(There will be a post coming soon in which I put all of the April Biographies in one post for review).

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