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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emma K.

Emma K is a 24 year old from Morgantown West Virginia. Emma was born in Los Angeles California, but moved to West Virginia around age 2. She has always loved the outdoors. Emma doesn't recollect a tick bite, but she was always sick as a child with chronic sinus infections and had mono that just wouldn't go away.

Emma's troubles also included severe right shoulder/neck and jaw pain that would turn into a debilitating migraine up to 5 times a week. Emma had fatigue so strong that she didn't think she would be able to put one foot in front of the other. She had hip pain, confusion and word loss.

Emma's been in treatment for 8 months and she has a lot less fatigue and only 1 migraine a month. Her hip and knee pain has reduced and she still has some lingering shoulder/neck jaw pain. When she's at the peak of a herx or feeling particularly "lymie" she still has some confusion and gets lost. She does feel a lot clearer though.

Emma has been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme and Erhlichia. She responds to Bartonella treatment and also has high heavy metal toxicity. Currently, she is pulsing and changing around many antibiotics. She also takes a ton of supplements. Most recently, Emma started A-Bart and has seen a vast improvement already. She feels that mild hyperbaric chamber is the thing that has helped her the most. She will begin chelation therapy for the high amounts of lead, aluminum, cadmium and another heavy metal that she can't remember right now. She also has Physical Therapy and energy work & massage.

Emma knows of no other family members diagnosed with tick borne illnesses. She requests prayers of continued healing path. She knows that she's on this healing path and can feel that she's getting there. She also would like another prayer for anyone suffering. Emma has a blog called "Feeling Lymie" Her blog address is http://lymieekatern.blogspot.com/

*** Emma has been in the hospital several times this week. Her latest blog dated today (September 28 2011) explains everything. ****

Her favorite song is Angels Watching Over Me, but I was unable to locate a great video so in substitution, I Can Only Imagine (Mercy Me)

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  1. Love Emma. She is a wonderful person and deserves all of the prayers we can give her. Thank you for featuring her.


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