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Friday, April 24, 2009

From Diana to Melody and Spencer with love in Christ

Dear Father,

Thank you for the beauty and the incredible gifts that you give to your children that can be lifted back to you in glory. Lord, the words of this precious praise song draws my heart right up against your will. You are Holy, Father and your rain is bittersweet. You are Lord God Almighty, our Protector, our Savior.

Lord you gave yourself fully to God for the love of your children. Thank you for the beauty of your character and the truth of Who you are. Thank you for promising a future and a hope with you one day when you decide the timing is just right. We know now that the plan is fully within your power. You promise that you will bring good from evil and that your power is made perfect in our weakness. You promise that once you enter into our hearts, to never leave us, Lord. You promise that there is nothing that we will be called into that others have not also come to understand; that we are not alone. Lord, we know this is a spiritual battle and that even though our bodies are caught in the midst, it is really against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Thank you Lord for reassuring us that you reign.

Lord, you have given Spencer a heart full of love and devotion for you and for Melody. You have given him strength to do those things that seem impossible, yet, you have carried him into each new day prepared to do whatever is needed to honor Melody and you. Lord, Spencer is suffering in his body and in his spirit too. I ask for your mighty power to help him stand strong on the Rock during this painful season. Fill his heart with an undying passion to fight the enemy that tries to steal and destroy what you have given to him and with a determination and discernment that guides he and his precious wife to safety and healing according your will for them. Father, the picture of Spencer carrying Melody reminds me of how you must carry us day after day, when we are weary, hurting, long suffering because of enemy ignorance. Bond the two so tightly together that the enemy flees out of fear.

Lord, I pray for Melody with love and understanding. Her body is sick from the reality of a pathogen and from the ignorance of this world. Please Lord, bring light into the darkness about this disease. Raise up doctors, thousands of doctors, who serve in their practices on behalf of the patient and who profess a faith in you Jesus. Call doctors who are your children, Lord, to see with their heart eyes wide open, what so many are choosing out of fear, to overlook. Do not let their minds be fooled as so many are, Lord. Open their eyes and make them instruments of your grace and peace to serve your people, not deny. Give them a spirit of boldness to stand up against the enemy and heal your people once again, Lord.

Father, I ask for your strength in Melody’s body, in her spirit and to her mind. This disease is exhausting and debilitating, Father and only you know the way out. Please draw Spencer and Melody close to you so that they know their Father’s will and way to go. Lord, thank you so much for family who do understand. Thank you for guiding their hearts and desires to help. Please make sure they know the truth of this disease so that they can be a blessing in the ways you call them to help.

Bring comfort and assurance to Spencer and Melody through this gift of hope and help put their minds and hearts at ease and in peace knowing that they do not have to go this alone. Bless the dear ones who love them.

I pray for Melody’s care and those who would help her body to be strong for the fight. Flow the channels of her organs, liver, heart, kidneys and all of the systems in her body into balance so that she can be treated in a way that helps her body fight these pathogens. Please provide, Lord, for their every need to be able to accomplish this through her treatments.

She is your sweet daughter, Lord. Thank you for the opportunity again, to know that more and more of your children are battling not just this disease, but the enemy, for the sake of the kingdom. Lord it is truly an honor to be chosen as one of your own. Help us to remember on the worst of days, that we belong to you and that you have already won the war. Be thou, Spencer and Melody’s vision, both day and night and bless them for their faithfulness and trusting obedience. Bring that joy and peace and chance to be free as your reward. Help us all to see that its just a little rain, Father.

In Your Precious Holy Name, Lord.


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