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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jennifer Update

I wanted to share with everyone about my microscope test that I had today.

To review, I had a Live Blood Cell Analysis in September of 2008 to see how my red & white blood cells were doing.

In September this is what we saw:

"In the wet sample, she saw Lyme Spirochetes as well as Lyme Cysts in my white blood cells. One blood cell she looked at had four or five cysts in it. They were floating everywhere and eating some of my red blood cells. While we were watching, we saw one spirochete break off one blood cell and swim towards another. We also so many spots of Yeast. She said that Lyme and Yeast were definitely a concern. We saw several bacterial blobs that looked like a bunch of spirochetes bunched together with like tentacles (she called them blebs)."

Today: Show much improvement. Most of the white blood cells were clear and functioning properly. We saw a few bacterial blobs, but they weren't Too Numerous To Count (TNTC) this time. We saw areas of Yeast, but it was no where near like the last time. The difference between the Wet Sample last time and this time were astounding. I'm definately improving.

Now the problem was that I still had Lemon Drop Red blood cells. This means that I have Bowel Toxicity. I don't know how they know this, but ... that's what it indicates. There were also several spots on the wet and dry sample that showed Liver Toxicity. I need to work on cleansing out these two areas. Although, I will likely always have Lyme cysts ... if we work on the Liver & Bowels, then the yeast and parasites should improve. My Red Blood cells last time were all on top of each other. Also some had missing parts (IE my iron was missing). This time, they were mostly all intact and spread out the way they were supposed to be. An occasional Red Blood cell showed the Lyme Spirochetes.

My follow up just consisted of things that we thought we could do to help detox the Liver & Bowel. Also we are thinking if we clear this things up that maybe my bump problem will clear up too. He's *never* seen my bump problem on any of his patients. Aren't I special? ;0

Onto my husband's microscope:

For some time, I've thought that my husband has Lyme Disease. The last few months he's gotten sick several times including a major bout of bronchitis, the stomach flu and also once his lip got really swollen out of no where. He's had symptoms the last few months that really lead us to concern so we scheduled a blood cell analysis for him today.

My heart is very heavy over what we saw on his slides. His biggest issues are Lyme Disease, Cardiac problems, Parasites and Lymphatic Issues. The doctor said they were number 4 out of the scale of 0 to 4 (with 4 being the most severe). His Adrenal functions were about the same as mine and his Lyme cysts were on the scale of 3. He also has Liver Toxicity. I wasn't in the office with him during his blood cell analysis as I was in my follow up appointment. We plan on getting him scheduled into see my doctor as soon as possible.

The problem is that it costs about 500 to go in for the first appointment and today we spent about 1325 on the credit card. That doesn't even include the supplements that I will have to pick up over the next few weeks. *sigh* Here we go again.

There's the update.


  1. I will be praying for you guys!
    Thanks for what you're doing in your prayer ministry!
    (Melody's mom)

  2. I'm praying for you Jennifer, and praying for our other Lyme friends.


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