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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review Day

Krissy 5/11 - Krissy, it's been a pleasure getting to know you better over the last few weeks and my prayers are that not only you get well soon, but that your son will also get well. Children are very resilient. Don't lose faith.

Jennifer 5/13 - I am so honored to be doing this blog for all of us. :o) I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoy doing it.

Sarah 5/15 - Sarah, I am blessed to have known you as long as we've been friends. Don't forget to drink your "health" shakes. ;o) Love ya girl.

Others in May:

Melisa L 5/2

Shandy 5/4

Johnny 5/6

Melissa H

March & April Music of 2009

God With Us by Mercy Me
Hold Fast by Mercy Me
Prayer for a Friend by Casting Crowns
Holy is the Lord by Chris Tomlin
It is Well With my Soul Hymn
Bring the Rain by Mercy Me
Hero by Mariah Carey
Fix You by Coldplay

May Music of 2009
Return to Innocence by Enigma
In Better Hands by Natalie Grant
In Christ Alone by Newboys
Our Hope Endures by Natalie Grant
This is the Air I Breathe by Hillsong
East to West by Casting Crowns AND
Who Am I? by Casting Crowns
Lift Me Up by Kate Voegele

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I am living my life. I've treated Lyme, Bartonella, Candida and Heavy Metal Poisoning. My symptoms were drastically improved after 2 years of treatment. I did well for a year or two and then started having a backslide in August of 2011. I've been seeing my doctor since March 1 2007. I have severe D defiency, but my Iron levels are now normal (after Iron infusions). I'm treating with oral antibiotics currently for Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia. I'm living life as full as I can with the skills that I have and the love I receive. My recent labs showed a very weak immune system and low Cortisol. So we're fighting to bring that back up. Some therapies I'm using are IV Vitamin C, HBOT treatments and herbal remedies plus yeast fighting medicines along with medicines to boost cortisol levels. I've not used the HBOT in a while, but I found it helpful. I'm on a load of oral antibiotics again because the herbal remedies alone were not effective enough. Living life as full as I can with the skills that I have and the love I receive!